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You can get financial support to help you with your chosen College courses if you’re aged 16-19 and fit certain criteria.

“We aim to support all students to reach their potential and believe no child should be left behind or at a disadvantage due to financial issues".

Our Bursaries

Here are some links to our information flyers and bursary application form. The flyers provide brief information about each type of financial support we can give. We have also provided a link to our Financial Support Application Form which you can print out to complete and send back to us. 

Bursary application form

Vulnerable Student Bursary

This is a bursary worth up to £1200, depending on your circumstances and benefits. You must be:

  • Under 19 at the start of the academic year you want a bursary for
  • Studying at a School or College, or an unpaid training course

AND at least 1 of the following applies:

  • You’re in care.
  • You’re a care leaver (You have recently been looked after for a period of 13 weeks consecutively, which began after the age of 14 and ended after the age of 16; or a young person aged 18 or above who was looked after prior to becoming 18 for a period of 13 weeks consecutively).
  • You get Income Support of Universal Credit in your own name. (You do not need to be living independently of your parents, as long as you are claiming this in your own name).
  • You’re disabled and get both Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), and either Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP in your name.

If you’re a parent, you will also need to be living away from your own parents to qualify. You will get the full amount if you have expenses and study full-time on a course of at least 30 weeks.

All applications will be treated with complete confidence.

Discretionary Bursary Fund

The Creative and Media Studio School also has a Discretionary Bursary Fund. 
The criterion for this fund is set by us.

How can this help me?

This fund is for Students who are facing genuine financial barriers to participating in education.  Its aim is to help with essentials and is not a cash payment, but a payment in kind for particular items needed. Typical ways this fund has been used by the Studio School includes

  • Bus passes to and from College, where the distance travelled justifies this
  • Specialist course equipment
  • Costs incurred for placements and business engagement opportunities
  • Transports and fees for course events/trips/university visits
  • Transports and fees for enrichment events offered, or arranged, by the Studio School which could benefit the student’s progression routes

As a Studio School we have a duty to ensure all funds are awarded fairly to students most in need, therefore, all applications cannot be guaranteed. We ask that all students are:

  • Are under 19 years at the start of the year  the bursary is needed for
  • Have at least 90 % attendance
  • Are meeting expectations for good behaviour and progress
  • Are in receipt  of Free School Meals

Students who received Free School Meals do not automatically receive them at Post 16. Applications to the Local Authority must be made by the parents. We urge parents to make an application for FSM if this was the case at High School OR if your family circumstances have changed recently. To apply for FSM, please contact Kirklees Local Authority on 01484 221928, stating that your child is on roll at the Creative and Media Studio School at Netherhall Learning Campus and you would like to discuss FSM with the relevant department.  

The discretionary bursary fund will also be used so support students who face exceptional circumstances throughout the year that prevents them from participating.

How to apply:

Application Forms to the Discretionary Bursary Fund can be collected from THE CMSS Admin Office. Please fill in the form, ensuring you:

  • Meet the above eligibility criteria
  • Complete the application form answering all the questions in full – don’t forget to sign it
  • Attach the evidence as indicated on the application form (original evidence is required which will be photocopied and returned to you)
  • Ask your child to hand in the application form, with evidence, to Angela Shufflebottom or myself at the Studio School main office.

What happens next?

  • We will assess all applications in the strictest of confidence.
  • We will aim to inform you as soon as possible, but no more than 5 working days from receiving the application. (Depending on the requests within the application form, there could be additional waiting time for the Studio School to process any specific paperwork/invoices).

Emergency and Hardship - Reserved Funds:

As a small educational provision we aim to support students on an individual basis. We get to know our Students well and all Students will have a one-one relationship with their Personal Coach. Financial circumstances can change, and the future is hard to predict. Should any unforeseen or temporary issues occur at home where financial assistance for College expenses could be an issue, then we always encourage private discussion with the Personal Coach. Due to these situations, we have placed no absolute cut-off date for applications to the Discretionary Bursary Fund. 


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