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It doesn’t matter whether your interests lie in literature, or in the exploration of language, English Language and Literature is a stimulating course that builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at GCSE.

About The Course

A popular course at the Creative & Media Studio School, English Language & Literature enables you to continue developing your skills in both these areas in a challenging and creative way. If you enjoy creative writing and reading novels, plays and poetry, as well as studying real speech and media texts, this is the subject for you.

To be successful, you will need good analytical skills and also a love of literature. You will learn in an interesting variety of ways including, small group discussion, whole class teaching, role plays, presentations and essay writing. Independent study skills will also be essential.

Specific Entry Requirements

Students applying for an A Level in English should achieve at the very least a level 5 in English Language, and level 4 in Maths and 3 other GCSE subjects. Students invited for interview will be asked to prepare a written task set by the CMSS. This work will be assessed by the subject specialist as part of the interview process and will contribute to the decision of an offer being made.


Throughout this course you will study a variety of spoken, written and multi- module texts. Over the A Level (Year 13) you will explore the relationships between Literary and Linguistic methods.

The course is linear and is made up of two exams and one coursework piece.

  • Coursework = 20%
  • Paper 1 – 3 hours
    “Telling Stories” 100 marks = 40%
  • Paper 2 – 2 hours 30 minutes 
    “Exploring Conflict” 100 marks = 40%

What We Offer You!

For our A Level subjects, we aim to:

  • Keep the groups small and personalised.
  • Provide specialist intervention support to focus on exam techniques.
  • Access to all the specialist texts.

This helps make sure that no one is ever left behind, has one to one support whenever needed and a learning approach which is individual to each student. This is to help you achieve the best possible grade you can.


One of the biggest advantages of the Studio School is every department has unlimited access to all of the resources on offer. Each department does, however, specialise in an array of core resources. This enable students to get the most out of the resources closest to their chosen subject.

As a student of English Language and Literature, you will have access to all the resources Studio School has on offer. You will be able to take advantage of a wide range of literary resources and technical facilities that will help with your study.

As part of the English A-Level, you will also have access to Kindle Fire Tablets with copies of all your texts pre loaded.

Trips & Enrichment

As a student of English you will quickly realise that English as a subject surrounds us. From speech in daily conversation to the literature of advertising we are immersed in the subject every day.

To help your exploration of English in all its forms, we offer a mix of visits and enrichment opportunities such as:

  • Working with real life companies like “Sygenta” and “Fresh Young Millionaire Magazine”
  • Theatre Trips
  • Guest Practitioners
  • Lectures
  • Collaborative projects with the Netherhall Learning Campus
  • Exploring and visiting places that bring the context of texts to life.

Outstanding Results

  • 100% Achieving at A-C.
  • 40% Achieved A-B.

Future Pathways...

English Language and Literature provides a fantastic platform for future academic study and employment in all subject areas. In addition it is also an avenue into the following:Editing / Publishing / Teaching and Education (Primary, Secondary, FE and HE) / Lexicography / Journalism / Marketing / Public Relations / Writing / Copy Writing / Law / Intelligence and Information to name but a few.

Would You Like To Find Out More?

Maybe you have a question about the different range of units you can study? Or maybe you want a bit more info on the resources? Whatever your question, the Tutors are more than happy to answer any that you have. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with all the answers.

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