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Creative and Media Studio School


At the Creative and Media Studio School we focus our Key Stage 5 curriculum around a wide range of A Level and BTEC Level 3 qualifications.

The BTEC qualification lends itself well to the creative, flexible and personalised way we aim to teach and inspire you. In addition to this we also offer traditional A Levels, subject to availability and demand. To ensure you are able to take up your chosen pathway after your time at the Creative and Media Studio School, we also offer to those who require it, resits in their GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

What does a BTEC course look like?

A BTEC qualification can be achieved at following levels:

  • Certificate - completed over 1 year and is equivalent to an AS Level.
  • Extended Certificate - completed over 1/2 years and is equivalent to 1 A Level.
  • National Diploma - completed over 2 years and is equivalent to 2 A Levels.
  • Extended Diploma – completed over 2 years and is equivalent to 3 A levels. 

(You may see that Production Arts and Music/Music Technology use slightly different BTEC wording to the Qualification Titles above: a Subsidiary Diploma = 1 A level, and Diploma = 2 A Levels).

All BTECs are assessed through coursework; however, at least 2 of the Units you study will be set and assessed externally by the exam board, Edexcel. This means you will receive your grade for this unit by the exam board, and not your Tutor. The remaining units will be set and assessed by your Subject Tutor at the Studio School. 

What if I want to blend my Study Programme with traditional Academic Rigour?

In addition to the BTEC study programme route, we offer the options of AS/A2 English Literature and Language Combined, and A2 Mathematics. Both subjects are taught within the Studio School by expert teachers. 2016 has seen a 100% C grade plus pass rate in both subjects. 
A good proportion of Students select an A Level to complement their Creative Subject choices. You can talk to the students about this pathway combination at one of our open evenings (Check here!) You can also read more about these options on the subject page links below.


This course will help you make sense of the economic and social environment that surrounds you. You will investigate business start-ups, how businesses should manage their resources effectively as well as studying market research and developing a creative marketing mix for a new product idea you...

Business Studies

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Media Icon

You will develop a professional work ethic whilst using industry standard equipment to produce films across a variety of styles and genres. You will be part of production teams, working on project briefs set by real businesses and organisations.

Media Studies (A Level)

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Crim Icon

Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of crime as both an individual and social phenomenon, with research on the origins and forms of crime, its causes and consequences, and social and governmental reactions to it.


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Graph Icon

When you judge a book by its cover, choose a product because you have seen the ad, instantly recognise a company by its logo, or go to an exhibition after seeing a poster, then you are responding to visual messages – this is what graphic communication is all about.

Graphic Design

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English Icon

It doesn’t matter whether your interests lie in literature, or in the exploration of language, English Language and Literature is a stimulating course that builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at GCSE.

Fine Art Icon

If you find art fascinating and have a passion to study it and develop your skills and techniques in a variety of medium then Fine Art is the course for you.

Music Icon

Depending on the level at which you choose to study Music, there are a number of compulsory units that will be covered. You will fundamentally study and perform a variety of music from different genres and styles, as well as developing a greater understanding of how music is written and performed.

Perf Arts Icon

Performing Arts - Extended Certificate (1 A Level) & Extended Diploma (3 A Levels). This course will widen your understanding about the world of Performing Arts, whilst developing your performing skills in our purpose-built performance spaces.

Performing Arts

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Photo Icon

Photographs are the universal language of our time; an image tells a story, documents events, persuades opinions and evokes emotion with just one click. Imagery is part of who we are and what we see.


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Prod Arts Icon

This course is designed to give you the opportunity to explore various sides of the Production Arts Industry in Make-up and Prosthetics.

Production Arts

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Stage Icon

Professional theatre requires production personnel with both a general knowledge of production and specialist knowledge and skills within their area of practice.

Stage Management

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Textiles Icon

Textiles is a versatile subject that involves experimenting with a wide range of techniques and processes.

Health and Social Icon

There has never been a more crucial time in our society to develop and train young people to help in such a wide range of careers in nursing, social work, teaching, youth and community.

Health & Social Care

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