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Business Studies

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This course will help you make sense of the economic and social environment that surrounds you. You will investigate business start-ups, how businesses should manage their resources effectively as well as studying market research and developing a creative marketing mix for a new product idea you have.

Business Studies - Extended Certificate

Why study Business?

Business Studies helps you to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives you a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages you to think about how and why people start up in business and why you too might also consider starting a business.

Success in business is evident everywhere you look, from the most successful advertising campaigns in the world; the annual John Lewis Christmas advert or the ad launched by Honda to promote its seventh-generation Accord line of cars to the most innovative product designs such as the iPhone technology or the new advances in digital currency. Finding the right markets for the right products is crucial in the business world for continued success.

There are many different career paths for those who wish to work within the business sector, these include, management, human resource, finance, marketing, business law and business information management, with the opportunity to work in the UK and internationally.

Which syllabus do we follow?

Creative & Media Studio School follows the Edexcel specification for BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business. https://qualifications.pearson/btec-nationals/business

What is the course about?

Your career in business starts here! An innovative and dynamic course, equivalent to one A Level, designed to give you the tools to start your own business, enter the workplace or progress to higher study. Every learner is given the opportunity to develop a real understanding of what is involved, both theoretically and practically, in becoming an effective business professional. We try to give you a greater involvement with businesses, so more trips to businesses, more research of real businesses, a one-week work placement in the first year and a greater development of the personal skills you will need to succeed in the business world. 

This course offers a fascinating insight into how the commercial world works. You will learn about the structure of business organisations and the processes involved in planning, setting up and running a business venture such as management and human resources, finance, marketing, law, basic economics and ethics, and the importance of innovation and creativity in business.

What will I study?

Everyone taking the course will study 4 units in total of which 3 are mandatory and 1 is an optional unit:

Unit 1: Exploring business

  • Internally set assignment
  • You will explore the features of different businesses and analyse what makes them successful and investigate how businesses are organised.

Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign

  • Externally set assignment
  • You will gain skills relating to, and an understanding of, how a marketing campaign is developed.

Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance

  • External exam
  • You study the purpose and importance of personal and business finance. You will develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand, analyse and prepare financial information.

Unit 27 –Work experience in Business

  • Internally set assignment
  • This unit will enable all learners to benefit from practical experience of the business sector.


You will be assessed in a number of different and engaging ways and the assessment methods vary to include communications used in the modern day business world. This could be a report, presentation, debate or Prezi. You will also be involved practically in activities such as market research, team work and project management. Coursework will be based around practical business exercises and you will be encouraged to utilise your own experiences of business you may have developed through part-time work or work placements at school. Overall approximately 75% of the course is assessed by coursework and approximately 25% by external exam.

Where does this course lead?

BTEC Level 3 can lead to a similar course at university, an apprenticeship, employment in a small or large organisation or even the opportunity to run your own business. The majority of our learners progress on to a degree or foundation degree in a wide range of subjects. Alternatively, other students have entered employment within a variety of sectors. What is important to know is that there is a very wide range of progression opportunities which will be available to you when you complete the course.

Areas of study, an apprenticeship or employment could include:

  • Business Management
  • International Business
  • Project or Event Management
  • Retail Sector
  • Merchandising and Sales
  • Law, Marketing and Advertising
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Administration
  • Human Resources

Specific Entry Requirements

Students applying for the Level 3 BTEC in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship should achieve at the very least a Level 4 in English Language, Maths and 3 other GCSE subjects. Students invited for interview will be asked to prepare a written task set by the CMSS. This work will be assessed by the subject specialist as part of the interview process and will contribute to the decision of an offer being made.


One of the biggest advantages of the Studio School is every department has unlimited access to all of the resources on offer. Each department does, however, specialise in an array of core resources. This enable students to get the most out of the resources closest to their chosen subject.

The Business department’s core resources are:

  • State of the art Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras used to capture marketing shots,
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop used to create marketing materials
  • Industry standard financial software to support the building of accountancy skills
  • Open plan learning spaces help students to understand office dynamics
  • Copies of corporate annual accounts to help students to understand accounting

Trips & Enrichment

You are encouraged to realise quite quickly that enterprise is everywhere! This doesn’t just come from the application of knowledge around the economy, business structures, marketing and communication which you study in your assignments, but by being introduced to Creative business men and women who ‘walk the walk’ within the local economy of Kirklees. Here’s how:

  • Visit to the Kirklees Business Week to explore the economy on your doorstep.
  • Annual trip to Entrepreneur Live in Manchester to listen to interesting and inspirational entrepreneurs who love sharing their stories.
  • Meetings and interviews with engaged Studio School businesses who can support you in your coursework when you need insights into real business.
  • Planning, costing, organising and promoting a purposeful, real business/enterprise event.

Outstanding Results

  • 100% Pass rate achieved by all students.
  • 58% Achieved the highest grades possible.

Future Pathways...

Many students who successfully complete the course go on to one of the following pathways:HND/Degree in Business, Business, Marketing, Politics, Finance, Economics, Accountancy, Law and Management or a related subject at University / Apprenticeships in Business Administration, Accountancy, Banking and Finance / Self-employment / Career within Human Resource Management / Career within Marketing / Career within Retail Management to name but a few.

Would You Like To Find Out More?

Maybe you have a question about the different range of units you can study? Or maybe you want a bit more info on the resources? Whatever your question, the Tutors are more than happy to answer any that you have. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with all the answers.

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