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Creative and Media Studio School

Creative Digital Media Production (BTEC)

Why study Creative Digital Production?

Moving image content is everywhere! Anywhere you look, whether its TV, Social Media, YouTube, Online, Advertising or Cinema, it’s around us all the time. Film and television, YouTube, Streaming & Social Media Influencers all rely on new media content to provide their service, Image and brand to stay on top. If you’ve ever watched a livestream or listened to a podcast and wondered, ‘I wonder how they do that’, or have ever been interested in finding out how you too can do this yourself, then this will be the course for you! With the explosion of digital media and the continual development of social media as a platform for filmmakers, the Creative Digital Media Production course is essential in learning and developing your skills and creative output. This is such an exciting time for young filmmakers as there are more platforms for viewing content than ever before and having these skills can be an asset to any young person entering the workforce as many businesses thrive from a busy and engaging social media profile.

BTEC Digital Film and Video Production allows students to be hands on with a variety of recording and video technology and hardware, gaining skills in both capturing and editing visual and audio media.


  • Recording and planning for different environments
  • Equipment used in audio capturing
  • Audio editing and manipulation
  • The creation of short films
  • Video editing
  • Exporting and presenting for different mediums
  • Software such as - Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Audacity and Adobe Audition The skills you will develop will help enhance your abilities in popular formats such as:
  • Streaming
  • Youtube
  • Content creation
  • Film
  • Radio
  • Social media (TikTok & Instagram)

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