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Performing Arts

“As a practitioner from industry, I am able to really support students by sharing my knowledge and professional practice.” - Michael Cowen, Drama Tutor

Performing Arts - Extended Certificate (1 A Level) & Extended Diploma (3 A Levels). This course will widen your understanding about the world of Performing Arts, whilst developing your performing skills in our purpose-built performance spaces.

Performing Arts

Why study drama?

“All The world’s A Stage” and drama is the expression of civilisation. It is life, psychology, humanity. It fosters the skills of creativity, collaboration, integrity and vision. It involves standards of communication whilst supporting the intellectual and social development of the individual. It builds self confidence and self-esteem through the promotion of teamwork and through the refinement of technical skills and artistry. It supports progression of personal and vocational skills to realise potential within the individual.

Course description

This course will widen your understanding about the world of Performing Arts, whilst developing your performing skills in our purpose-built performance spaces. You will study a variety of Performing Arts disciplines and new skills which will lead to a series of practical productions in the drama studio and at external venues.

Specific Entry Requirements

Students applying for the Level 3 BTEC in Performing Arts should achieve at the very least a Level 4 in English Language, Maths and 3 other GCSE subjects. Students invited for interview will be asked to prepare a performance along with a written task set by the CMSS. This work will be assessed by the subject specialist as part of the interview process and will contribute to the decision of an offer being made.


The qualification consists of a combination of practical and theory based assignments. These will be assessed through a mixture of Edexcel-set assignments/exams and internally assessed units.

You will also take part in three productions each year including performances in the community which supports one of the mandatory units. The learning structure is a mixture of tutor led activities and independent research.

The course assessment structure is a combination of internally assessed coursework and Edexcel-set controlled assessment.

Assessment is broken down into two sections:

  • Externally-assessed units (Ext Cert = 2 Units / Ext Dip = 6 Units)
  • Internally-assessed units (Ext Cert = 3 Units / Ext Dip = 7 Units)

Throughout the course you will be given a grade prediction based on your internally assessed work.


One of the biggest advantages of the Studio School is every department has unlimited access to all of the resources on offer. Each department does, however, specialise in an array of core resources. This enable students to get the most out of the resources closest to their chosen subject.

The Performing Arts department’s core resources are:

  • A dedicated performance space complete with...
    • StageSound system
    • Wireless microphone infrastructure
    • A vast array of stage lighting
  • Industry standard cameras and audio equipment

Trips & Enrichment

Drama is life! Not only does Drama involve learning scripts and completing character analyses, it involves looking outside of the classroom for real stimulus.

In addition to using the Performance Arts area, working in teams to devise plays and scripts and experimenting with different genres and techniques, the Performance Arts Acting course will engage you further into the world of Acting in many, different ways.

Here’s how:

  • Collaboration with Kirklees College to celebrate the annual World Theatre Day where CMSS Students experience and develop skills in a range of acting styles
  • Participation in the Creative and Media Studio School’s annual Theatre Performance, using the Performance Theatre’s technology and sets to a live audience
  • Working with the CMSS’s engaged businesses creating web-based and other media based performances for promotional purposes. This can range from Rocky Horror style performances to support a Halloween theme to promoting a serious cause for a Charity organisation
  • Working with professional casting agencies to gain Acting experience and paid opportunities within the Television Industry
  • Mentoring and supporting young drama enthusiasts to develop their skills but to also learn the art of emotional intelligence, leadership, relating to others, and communication.

Outstanding Results

  • 100% Pass rate achieved by all students.
  • 44% Achieved the highest grades possible.

Future Pathways...

Many students who successfully complete the course go on to one of the following pathways:Performing Arts or a related subject at University / Actors, Dancers & Singers / Directors / Animators / Producer / Production Manager / Stage Manager / Set Designer / Wardrobe Designer / Lighting Design / Sound Engineer / Theatre Manager / Funding Officer / Box Office Staff to name but a few.

Would You Like To Find Out More?

Maybe you have a question about the different range of units you can study? Or maybe you want a bit more info on the resources? Whatever your question, the Tutors are more than happy to answer any that you have. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with all the answers.

Our video will give you a brief taste of some of our Drama & Performing Arts activities.


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About the school

The Creative & Media Studio School is open to all young people who have a creative flare and are aged between 16 – 19 years old.

The Creative and Media Studio School was the first Studio School to open in the world in 2010. Since then it has achieved a series of fantastic outcomes for students. Today's news (14.08.2014) follows in that tradition and we are delighted

David Nicoll

Chief Executive of The Studio Schools Trust

With this course we will be the fashion designers of the future; we now have the skills and knowledge to excel, nothing can hold us back.

Alex & Danielle


My Art lessons in the Studio School have shown me that it's not what you see, but what you make others see; I've been completely inspired.



With the skills I have developed and opportunities I have been given in the field of Graphic Design, I am positive that it will help me to lead a successful life with a very fulfilling career.



Photography means I can make Art out of real life objects. I love seeing how my skills can create amazing pieces of work, it's very exciting.



Textiles at the Studio School has allowed us to express ourselves, explore different specialist techniques, find our inner creativity and apply it to exciting scenarios.



Learning Business in the Studio School has helped me realise that Business is everywhere and has enabled me to see the world through grown up eyes.



Creative Media Production gives me the skills, confidence and experience to work with external businesses and create professional video products whilst gaining a qualification.



Drama has really helped me to develop skills I can use in all my subjects. I've really grown in confidence because of the way I have been taught.



It's helped me to realise the number of employment opportunities available in the Music Industry, giving me the skills to succeed in any profession. I've developed skills in communication, teamwork, cooperation and Music Technology skills.



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