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A Level Mathematics

“Great minds discuss Mathematics. Maths is like love; a simple idea, but it can get complicated.” Jonny Heeley, Mathematics Tutor

If you enjoy Maths and feel confident with the work you have met so far at GCSE, then you should seriously consider Maths AS or A-level. It is a demanding and challenging subject but it can be an extremely rewarding one if you are prepared to put in time and effort.

About The Course

I’m picking Creative Subject, so why choose Mathematics?

It is a stimulating and intellectually challenging discipline; not only that, it is a powerful and versatile subject that underpins (and is occasionally vital to) a multitude of other subjects. The course aims to build on work you will have already met at GCSE, but it also involves new and powerful ideas and concepts.

However, it is certainly NOT for the faint-hearted! Studying Mathematics is an active process; just reading around the subject and keeping a few notes is quite simply not enough! You have to roll up your sleeves and get ‘down and dirty’ with the likes of numerical problems, algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

A competence in Mathematics is highly desirable to universities, colleges or employers alike. You may like to know that for individuals considering a future in some of today’s most financially rewarding careers, confidence in using Mathematics on a daily basis is an essential prerequisite. Furthermore, researchers at the London School of Economics have recently established that people who have studied Mathematics at this level can expect to earn up to 11% more than colleagues, even those doing the same job! 

For careers where Mathematics isn’t an absolute requirement, other Mathematics skills learned at AS and A level, such as logical thinking, problem solving and statistical analysis, are often highly valued in the workplace.

Specific Entry Requirements:

Students applying for an A Level in Maths should achieve at least a level 6 in GCSE Maths and, at least level 4 in English Language and 3 other GCSE subjects. Students invited for interview will be asked to bring a reference from their GCSE Maths Tutor.


Due to recent A level reform by the government, from September 2017 the A level course follows linear specifications and 100% prescribed content. This is a significant shift from the previous form of assessment; Decision Mathematics modules are no longer on the syllabus.

The new exams will place increased emphasis upon problem solving, mathematical argument, reasoning and modelling questions.

The new standalone AS and linear A level examinations include compulsory Statistics and Mechanics components of assessment alongside the Pure Mathematics.

Learners will be introduced to the wider use of technology in mathematics. They will experience working with real data in the classroom and explore this data using appropriate technology such as graphing calculators, which are now required in all examinations.

What We Offer You!

For our A Level subjects, we aim to:

  • Keep the groups small and personalised.
  • Provide specialist intervention support to focus on exam techniques.
  • Provide frequent personalised Tutor feedback on a one-to-one level.

This helps make sure that no one is ever left behind, has one-to-one support whenever needed and a learning approach which is individual to each student. This is to help you achieve the best possible grade you can.

Future Pathways

Maths has wide applications in industry, business, finance, science, technology and many others. Maths qualifications can help you towards a future career in these areas. It is also a useful support for many University courses which increasingly can involve statistics modules. There is currently a national shortage of qualified mathematicians.

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About the school

The Creative & Media Studio School is open to all young people who have a creative flare and are aged between 14 – 19 years old.

The Creative and Media Studio School was the first Studio School to open in the world in 2010. Since then it has achieved a series of fantastic outcomes for students. Today's news (14.08.2014) follows in that tradition and we are delighted

David Nicoll

Chief Executive of The Studio Schools Trust

With this course we will be the fashion designers of the future; we now have the skills and knowledge to excel, nothing can hold us back.

Alex & Danielle


I feel really privileged to be doing something I love with people that share the same passion. At the Studio School we inspire young artist's minds and support their creativity.

Wendy Taylor

Fine Art Coach

My Art lessons in the Studio School have shown me that it's not what you see, but what you make otherssee; I've been completely inspired.



With the skills I have developed and opportunities I have been given in the field of Graphic Design, I am positive that it will help me to lead a successful life with a very fulfilling career.



We see Graphic Design students as the future of visual communication. Learning the correct skills now will give them the edge over others in the work place.

James Armitage

Graphics Coach

Photography captures life. I'm so passionate about the projects I am able to complete with the quality of resources we have available.

Lucy Parish

Photography Coach

Photography means I can make Art out of real life objects. I love seeing how my skills can create amazing pieces of work, it's very exciting.



Wonder if. Think 'why not?' Explore how. Learn from craft professionals. Apply Knowledge. Make it happen. Enjoy success.

Sally Broadbent

Textiles Coach

Textiles at the Studio School has allowed us to express ourselves, explore different specialist techniques, find our inner creativity and apply it to exciting scenarios.



Teaching Business Studies to Studio School students has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career, as they're learning in an environment where it all makes sense!

Laura Lee

Business Studies Coach

Learning Business in the Studio School has helped me realise that Business is everywhere and has enabled me to see the world through grown up eyes.



Creative Media Production gives me the skills, confidence and experience to work with external businesses and create professional video products whilst gaining a qualification.



I use my Broadcast Industry experience to develop skills, work ethic and strong business links so every single student stands out.

Micci Bromwich

Media Coach

Drama has really helped me to develop skills I can use in all my subjects. I've really grown in confidence because of the way I have been taught.



As a practitioner from industry, I am able to really support students by sharing my knowledge and professional practice.

Michael Cowen

Drama Coach

Music is a gateway to other cultures and traditions. Through it we explore the way new technologies have revolutionised the way we record, produce and listen to music."

Helen Turnbull

Music Coach

It's helped me to realise the number of employment opportunities available in the Music Industry, giving me the skills to succeed in any profession. I've developed skills in communication, teamwork, cooperation and Music Technology skills.



Studying Fashion is not just about researching new trends, it's about creating individuality, something our students get the chance to do.

Claire Ramsden

Fashion Coach

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