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Battle of the Bands 2016

25 bands competed for the winner's prize to an audience of over 400!

The annual Battle of the Bands Event took place at The Creative and Media Studio School and NLC High School on Wednesday 10/2/16

What a night!

This event was a complete sell out (over 400 in our audience), with 25 bands competing for the winner’s prize.

The event followed a successful Rock School day on the 28/1/16 where tutors from Ricky’s Rock School spent the day at the CMSS/NLC High, working with all the bands to prepare them for the event. On this day we were also joined by 20 students from Westborough High School in Dewsbury, who came along to develop their ensemble performance skills with CMSS subject coaches ready for their GCSE exams, as well as be trained how to use our state of the art recording studio.

The Battle of the Bands was wont by Drop the Bass in Year 11, and up and coming band comprising of GCSE music students. Our judge’s panel was again led by Ricky Comiskey of Ricky’s Rock School, who on the night was impressed with the incredibly high standard of playing by all who took part.

Other winners included:

Overall and Year 11

Drop the Bass

Crystal Mason
Cameron Chapman
Kian Morgan

Bands With the Most Potential:

Year 11

Under Arrest

Shannon Bradshaw - Bass Guitar
Jenna Poulter - Drum Kit
Cameron Snape - Keyboard

Year 10

The Lunchables

Ryan Senior
Jacob Buchannan
Luke Bingham
Matthew Wormold

Year 9

Fusion Brandon Dannatt - Drums
Amy Lockwood - Bass

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About the school

The Creative & Media Studio School is open to all young people who have a creative flare and are aged between 16 – 19 years old.

The Creative and Media Studio School was the first Studio School to open in the world in 2010. Since then it has achieved a series of fantastic outcomes for students. Today's news (14.08.2014) follows in that tradition and we are delighted

David Nicoll

Chief Executive of The Studio Schools Trust

With this course we will be the fashion designers of the future; we now have the skills and knowledge to excel, nothing can hold us back.

Alex & Danielle


My Art lessons in the Studio School have shown me that it's not what you see, but what you make others see; I've been completely inspired.



With the skills I have developed and opportunities I have been given in the field of Graphic Design, I am positive that it will help me to lead a successful life with a very fulfilling career.



Photography means I can make Art out of real life objects. I love seeing how my skills can create amazing pieces of work, it's very exciting.



Textiles at the Studio School has allowed us to express ourselves, explore different specialist techniques, find our inner creativity and apply it to exciting scenarios.



Learning Business in the Studio School has helped me realise that Business is everywhere and has enabled me to see the world through grown up eyes.



Creative Media Production gives me the skills, confidence and experience to work with external businesses and create professional video products whilst gaining a qualification.



Drama has really helped me to develop skills I can use in all my subjects. I've really grown in confidence because of the way I have been taught.



It's helped me to realise the number of employment opportunities available in the Music Industry, giving me the skills to succeed in any profession. I've developed skills in communication, teamwork, cooperation and Music Technology skills.



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