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“Teaching Business Studies to Studio School students has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career” - Laura Lee, Business Studies Tutor

New Specification for 2016

This course will help you make sense of the economic and social environment that surrounds you. You will investigate business start-ups, how businesses should manage their resources effectively as well as studying market research and developing a creative marketing mix for a new product idea you have.

Enterprise - Extended Certificate

Enterprise Extended Certificate (1 A level) :

If you chose to complete Business Studies at the Studio School, you will study a balanced breadth of the core principles in Business. The course is varied! During your first year on the course you will Study the core unit which looks into “Exploring Business” which involves looking at setting up businesses and the environment in which business operates in the modern world. You will also look at “Developing a Marketing Campaign” unit and the last core unit which includes studying “Personal and Business Finance”. This leaves one optional unit which can vary each year. Business literally is everywhere, and this course will help you to make sense of the way all the business impacts on the environment you live in!

Specific Entry Requirements

Students applying must have a minimum of 5 GCSEs at C grades with English and Maths. As of 2017, this will include at least a grade 4 (old Grade Cs) in English Language OR Literature as well as Maths. A grade ‘C’ in a business related GCSE or level 2 equivalent, would be advantageous but is not essential for starting the level 3 course. Upon gaining an interview at the Studio School, you are likely to be interviewed by a creative-specialist Tutor; however, you would be expected to explain why you are interested in Business Studies.


Using the Studio School’s business and enterprise spaces, you will be assessed by your Tutors in the following ways: Presentations to different audiences, your peers, tutors and external visitors; Observations in debate challenges; written reports and investigations; the design, content and layout of official business promotional materials, and the completion of business plans. The course assessment structure is as follows:

  • Unit 1: Internally assessed 100% coursework – Exploring Business
  • Unit 2: 3hr Controlled Assessment – Developing a Marketing Campaign (6hrs prep for research).
  • Unit 3: Exam assessment.
  • Optional Unit 1: Internally assessed through coursework
  • Optional Unit 1: Internally assessed through coursework.

Personalised Pathways: Of the above, 100% of students entered for the Subsidiary Diploma achieved the subsidiary diploma.


One of the biggest advantages of the Studio School is every department has unlimited access to all of the resources on offer. Each department does, however, specialise in an array of core resources. This enable students to get the most out of the resources closest to their chosen subject.

The Business department’s core resources are:

  • State of the art Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras used to capture marketing shots,
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop used to create marketing materials
  • Industry standard financial software to support the building of accountancy skills
  • Open plan learning spaces help students to understand office dynamics
  • Copies of corporate annual accounts to help students to understand accounting

Cross Curricular Resource Sharing & Learning

Thanks to an open plan office style environment, the Studio School is quite literary designed from the ground up to promote collaboration between students. This enables learning to take place not just in lessons but at any time, anywhere. Students share ideas for upcoming projects and provide feedback on current projects. This type of social interaction is such an important skill and something few environments can offer. It’s not just about #CreateYourself, but #ShareLearnImprove.

Trips & Enrichment

In Business Studies you are encouraged to realise quite quickly that Business is everywhere! This doesn’t just come from the application of knowledge around the economy, business structures, marketing and communication which you study in your assignments, but by being introduced to Creative business men and women who ‘walk the walk’ within the local economy of Kirklees. Here’s how:

  • Visit to the Kirklees Business Week to explore the economy on your doorstep
  • Annual trip to Entrepreneur Live in Manchester to listen to interesting and inspirational entrepreneurs who love sharing their stories
  • Meetings and interviews with engaged Studio School businesses who can support you in your coursework when you need insights into real business
  • Planning, costing, organising and promoting a purposeful, real business/enterprise event
  • Using cross-curricular links by linking your creative passion into a business related unit of your choice to embed your creative understanding in the world of enterprise.

Outstanding Results

  • 100% pass rate achieved by all students completing their programme of study.
  • 33% achieved Distinction*grades
  • 66% achieved Distinction grades

Personalised Pathways: Of the above, the Business department supported 93% of students towards the Subsidiary Diploma (1 A Level) and 7% towards the Certificate (1 year - AS Level).

Future Pathways...

Many students who successfully complete the course go on to one of the following pathways:HND/Degree in Business, Business, Marketing, Politics, Finance, Economics, Accountancy, Law and Management or a related subject at University / Apprenticeships in Business Administration, Accountancy, Banking and Finance / Self-employment / Career within Human Resource Management / Career within Marketing / Career within Retail Management to name but a few.

Would You Like To Find Out More?

Maybe you have a question about the different range of units you can study? Or maybe you want a bit more info on the resources? Whatever your question, the Tutors are more than happy to answer any that you have. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with all the answers.

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About the school

The Creative & Media Studio School is open to all young people who have a creative flare and are aged between 14 – 19 years old.

The Creative and Media Studio School was the first Studio School to open in the world in 2010. Since then it has achieved a series of fantastic outcomes for students. Today's news (14.08.2014) follows in that tradition and we are delighted

David Nicoll

Chief Executive of The Studio Schools Trust

With this course we will be the fashion designers of the future; we now have the skills and knowledge to excel, nothing can hold us back.

Alex & Danielle


I feel really privileged to be doing something I love with people that share the same passion. At the Studio School we inspire young artist's minds and support their creativity.

Wendy Taylor

Fine Art Coach

My Art lessons in the Studio School have shown me that it's not what you see, but what you make otherssee; I've been completely inspired.



With the skills I have developed and opportunities I have been given in the field of Graphic Design, I am positive that it will help me to lead a successful life with a very fulfilling career.



We see Graphic Design students as the future of visual communication. Learning the correct skills now will give them the edge over others in the work place.

James Armitage

Graphics Coach

Photography captures life. I'm so passionate about the projects I am able to complete with the quality of resources we have available.

Lucy Parish

Photography Coach

Photography means I can make Art out of real life objects. I love seeing how my skills can create amazing pieces of work, it's very exciting.



Wonder if. Think 'why not?' Explore how. Learn from craft professionals. Apply Knowledge. Make it happen. Enjoy success.

Sally Broadbent

Textiles Coach

Textiles at the Studio School has allowed us to express ourselves, explore different specialist techniques, find our inner creativity and apply it to exciting scenarios.



Teaching Business Studies to Studio School students has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career, as they're learning in an environment where it all makes sense!

Laura Lee

Business Studies Coach

Learning Business in the Studio School has helped me realise that Business is everywhere and has enabled me to see the world through grown up eyes.



Creative Media Production gives me the skills, confidence and experience to work with external businesses and create professional video products whilst gaining a qualification.



I use my Broadcast Industry experience to develop skills, work ethic and strong business links so every single student stands out.

Micci Bromwich

Media Coach

Drama has really helped me to develop skills I can use in all my subjects. I've really grown in confidence because of the way I have been taught.



As a practitioner from industry, I am able to really support students by sharing my knowledge and professional practice.

Michael Cowen

Drama Coach

Music is a gateway to other cultures and traditions. Through it we explore the way new technologies have revolutionised the way we record, produce and listen to music."

Helen Turnbull

Music Coach

It's helped me to realise the number of employment opportunities available in the Music Industry, giving me the skills to succeed in any profession. I've developed skills in communication, teamwork, cooperation and Music Technology skills.



Studying Fashion is not just about researching new trends, it's about creating individuality, something our students get the chance to do.

Claire Ramsden

Fashion Coach

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